All You Need To Know About Web Hosting

Web hosting is nothing new. Whether providers offer free web hosting or cheap web hosting, different providers come with different perks. Say for example USA web hosting providers offer services that cater for just about everyone from all over the world. They are perfect for those in need of fast web developers with creative insights on how to hook your pages up with the latest features. However, they are said not to have a good handle on the data protection side of things. A company with a presence online may lose out on customers if a hacker gets a hold of the security settings and mess up the whole site. People can be malicious out there.

Canadian web hosting providers, on the other hand, are known to encourage people living in Canada to utilize their services. This way, they are not only promoting businesses locally, but the site owner can know where to visit in case of any site problems. Sometimes, handling things face to face is way better than over Skype or another form of distance communication.

Get your domain name registration right

Picked your domain name yet? This rhetorical question is meant for the newbies out there who have no clue where to start on their journey to owning an e-commerce platform. Domain names represent your business and brand. It is the first thing your customers look at when they are surfing the internet. If you have a great domain name and utilize the right tools to get your pages more visible, your page just might end up on the first pages of Google. A little play with SEO strategies and content marketing are a few of the tricks the masters use to get pages on the top of Google rankings.

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Picking the right domain name means going for a domains extension that will contribute to the popularity of your page. These are usually known as Top Level Domains (TLD) that range from different Prices Domains to Free Domains.

Domains that come at a higher price usually offer premium packages with enhanced features that would make customizing your site pages all the more enjoyable. However, if you do not have enough money to invest in these kinds of Premium Domains, you could go for cheaper or free ones. An essential thing to do when picking these domains out is to run them through Domain Whois. This domain is known for their prowess in sniffing out fake domains from real ones in a jiffy. Just imagine starting your first e-commerce site (free or not) with a domain name that has been blacklisted by Google. That is enough to scar you online journey for a long time.

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Types of Domain names out there

Domain names come in a wide variety, with the most common being the GTLDs. One may ask “What is GTLD Name?” Good question! The acronym represents Generic Top Level Domains that are for general purposes such as .com. However, getting these is a little tricky as you will need to pass some eligibility tests before landing one. They are also the most common and clients seem to respond to them more than the other Top Level Domains (TLDs).

These other TLDs include the Country Code TLD (CCTLD) which include a country code such us .US (for the USA) on their domain. New TLDs (NTLD), on the other hand, offer a more personal domain name depending on your personality, type of business and passion such as .app, .shop and the like.