As a newbie in the world of internet, you may be confused on various types of web hosting options. Probably, you feel like a misplaced person since you cannot understand the technical terms in the web hosting niche. Nevertheless, to become competitive, you need a website.

Importantly, for you to get the best out of it, you need a reliable web hosting. This service should be in line with your current and future business needs. For this reason, you need to understand various hosting options. Here are some of these options:

a)    Reseller web hosting

Are you planning to start web hosting services? If that is your dream, a reseller web hosting is the best option. Basically, this is shared hosting with additional tools that help you to provide extra resell services. The option comes with free web templates and private server names.

Furthermore, using a reseller web hosting offers you an opportunity to enjoy quality technical support. This means that you do not have to worry about any technical issue as the company is in charge of them.

b)   Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting means that your website is hosted on one server with other sites and that’s the reason for the word shared.  The good thing about this hosting package is cost. Unlike another hosting, shared hosting is affordable as it costs you just$5-$10 per month. However, it has its own challenges.

First, your site has high chances of an attack should hackers access one of the sites you are sharing a server with. Also, the performance of your site depends on your popularity. The more popular your site, the better services you will get and the lower the cost you will pay.

c)    Virtual web hosting

At a time, your business may need better services than the basic shared web hosting can offer. However, due to budget constraints, you may not afford to pay for dedicated web hosting. If this is your situation, then a virtual hosting is the way to go. With this option, you get a piece of shared and dedicated hosting packages.

Here your site is hosted on a server with other fewer sites. Hence, you enjoy more space. Also, you do not share resources with other sites. As such, the issues in other sites have little to zero impact on your website.

All in all, depending on your business needs, you can go for either a shared, virtual, or reseller web hosting services.


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