Are you looking for a domain name and, you do not have the required revenue to pay for the registration services? Even though there are lots of free web hosting companies, you should not fall into their trap if you want a good website. Otherwise, prepare yourself for extreme downtimes and limited online availability.

But does this mean you cannot register a domain name for free? The answer is NO. You can still do it. We provide you with some of the ways to get a free domain name:

i)              Becoming a domain registrar affiliate

If you are not new to the web world, you are aware of affiliate marketing. If not, it is a way of earning commission through referring people to another site providing a particular product or service. The same approach happens here. Instead of paying for a domain name, you become an affiliate to the registrar. In this association, your role is to refer new clients, and you earn free domain registration in return. Hence, if you are a good online marketer, you can go for this option.

ii)            Using free subdomains

If you cannot afford to be registrar affiliate, you have an easy way of starting out with a free subdomain. You can get a free subdomain that carries the name of the provider. Some of the subdomain providers are,, WordPress, and Weebly among others. However, this is not your option if you are seeking a professional looking site.

Also, with this option, you are not a domain name owner. For this reason, you are limited to the provided features and web builders. As such, you cannot have the best customization which may limit the achievement of your business goals.

iii)          Paying through the registrar adverts

Another option for free domain registration is hosting registrar ads on your site. Here you get a free domain in exchange for advertisement space. However, this method is highly discouraged by many search engines such as Google. This is because there are chances of exploitation by these registrars.

Take it this way: your site is receiving high traffic yet you do not have the right to control who places their ad on it. So, the registrars enjoy high online exposure for free. Nevertheless, if you do not have an alternative, you can go for this option.

All in all, if you are seeking for free domain registration, you need to find a way to payback. These include offering free advertising or marketing services and using subdomains. Otherwise, if you want a good domain name, you need to pay some registration charges.


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