Cloud hosting is one way of enhancing your business online visibility. With this option, you are guaranteed of 99% uptime. As you may be aware, your availability online plays a critical role in your SEO ranking.  This is because visitors can find you at any moment they require your products, services or advisory.

Also, this option enhances your online competitiveness. It puts you at an advantage over your competitors using other hosting options. But how does a cloud hosting impact your sites SEO? Here is the answer:

a)    Hosting location

Your web hosting servers’ location determines how fast you will appear on the search engine. If they are located locally, your site has higher chances of ranking higher compared with those in other regions. However, the aim of going into online business is reaching the global market. If this is you, cloud hosting can make sense.

In this option, your site is hosted on servers located in various regions across the globe. As such, your website is not in a fixed geo-location. This gives an upper hand as you are able to rank at the same position with locally hosted sites.

b)   Enhance your page loading speed

Another way that cloud hosting impact your website is the loading speed. When it comes to SEO ranking, your page loading speed matters. The higher your site’s loading speed, the better ranking performance it will earn.

Notably, Google uses an algorithm known as User Experience Rate to rank pages under a given keyword. The time your website visitors wait for it to load determines their experience. So, to get a higher ranking, your site needs to score high on the User experience rating. Cloud hosting boosts your scores by enhancing the website’s loading speed.

c)    Enhanced site security through bot protection

 In the modern era, tech gurus have come up with some approaches to hurt websites rankings. This is through the use of malicious bots that attack the search engines. Also, some of this bots can duplicate your content leading to a negative effect on your SEO.

However, the cloud hosting protects you from any malicious bots. Also, spamming is a common issue in the online space. To avoid suffering from this problem, going for the cloud hosting is recommendable. The option provides you with IP Booter that protects your site from suspicious spamming attempts.

In a word, cloud hosting has a positive impact on your SEO. Hence, if you are looking for better search engine ranking, then you need to move to this hosting option.