How to Use Shopify to Make Your First Sale in 30 Days

/How to Use Shopify to Make Your First Sale in 30 Days

How to Use Shopify to Make Your First Sale in 30 Days

Isn’t it amazing that one can make a sale in the Shopify online storewebsite in just 30 days of starting out? And the sale will not only be a sale; it can be a major sale! So, how do you do this without spending a fortune on the many suggested ways, leading to success?

Here are a few tips to achieve success:

Use YouTube Livestream

A live stream lets you interact directly with the target audience. Of course, a Vlog is wonderful, and many online businesses make use of this. However, Youtube live stream is a true game-changer. Apart from being a great match-up for linking with the audience, a live stream lets you tap into a chatroom. Here you will get good suggestions on how to develop your brand to the next level. With this wonderful device, your audience can participate in the discussion as well as make suggestions on how the products may be improved to suit unique needs. This live stream is simply great for e-commerce marketing.

Community Tab

One of the most modern features of a social network is the YouTube Community tab. With this, you can post status updates regarding a new video that you plan to make, and fresh content and a variety of marketing tools that you wish to use. Indeed, you can even create a poll. How will such a poll help? It can help you receive advice on the kind of items that you can post next. You will learn about your audience and whether or not they prefer changes to your marketing channel. This kind of feedback is especially vital whenever a new product is created or promoted.

Instagram Stories

If you have ever used Instagram, you know that you can put anything in a story or feed. In as far as anyone would be trying to promote a short sale, this one works well. You can even do an exclusive Instagram story for a good deal. The best thing is that the story will last for 24 hours. This will be pretty good for your Shopify business.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live can be used to great advantage by new Shopify store owners. With this, you can set up a time for showcasing your product. In case you have a joint venture this would be the perfect forum for making a live feed with any other person. This is a win-win situation for everyone since it allows cross-promotion of products and increases the potential profitability of businesses. It is a perfect opportunity to spread a powerful message running across both profiles.

Link with Influencers

If you want to go far in your Shopify business, you need to link up with the experts in the field. These are referred to as influencers. They are people who have made it big in a particular niche and who often have a big following online. It could be someone who has built a successful store and has a wealth of experience in the work. By linking up with such gurus of business, you will win big.

For a start, you will win greater legitimacy among your audience. This translates to enhanced credibility. It is also an excellent tactic to get increased traffic to your website, leading to sales and profitability. This enables you to put your stamp on your chosen niche.

Guest Post on Forum

You can also create a guest post on some forum. If you do this, you are sure to attract new customers to your business. The good thing is that this also helps you build trust in whatever brand you offer. Moreover, you can attract new audiences to the website and market. People will trust you more because they know you provide what works well for them and is useful to their needs. By doing this, you will have gotten into the right path that enables you to sell more to the target audience in the online platform.

iTunes Podcast

In this forum, you can actively discuss topics that are related to your niche. This can be done every week. It is beneficial since it helps you keep tabs on valuable clientele.  It has other advantages. Once you prepare material, people can always listen to it every day before starting their day, early in the morning, during lunchtime or when they are on a long train trip, traveling to a faraway place. Because of the replay element, they can conveniently listen to these at any time they wish. For you as a Shopify owner, this translates into more business and potential customers and profits.

Email List and Newsletters

If you strategize well, email marketing can end up getting you to repeat customers, driving your sales to unimaginable levels. It has been proved that people on email lists are the most engaged customers that a business can boast of. For this reason, the people on your email list are the most likely category of persons who will buy your products. Moreover, such people are likely to refer others to your products, thus increasing sales and profitability to your Shopify business.

Free Domain Name


There is little doubt that the Shopify affiliate software is a handy tool for anyone running this business.  It can help you put your marketing in order and get you more business. You only need to fine-tune your strategies to fit the target audience.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large. From the strategies outlined here, you can find a few methods that work well for the profitability of your brand. These strategies can expand your business and brand. You may even exceed expectations concerning the audience reach and profits. Eventually, this will create longevity for your business and get you ahead of the competition.

 Shopify is undoubtedly the quickest way to realize your dream of owning a successful online store.  While initially, everything might seem rather daunting, be sure that with the right plan you’ll pick it up. And this can happen quickly- even in your first 30 days of business. Yes, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t start your own Shopify store without delay.

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